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Solutions And Support In Divorce And Family Law

Ending a relationship can be a difficult time in anyone’s life. Ending a relationship that involves children, joint property and the vows of marriage is especially hard and has a number of legal implications as well. You want an attorney whom you can trust to help you work through the often complicated issues of divorce: dividing the property fairly, deciding who will have custody of the children and what will be paid in child support, and determining whether any spousal support is owed and how much. After the divorce is final, you still may need the services of an attorney if your ex-spouse refuses to abide by the divorce decree.

Sotile Law Firm, LLC, provides problem-solving and courtroom advocacy for all matters of Louisiana family law. I welcome people of all walks of life in Ascension Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish and Livingston Parish.

Experienced Guidance For Resolving Complex Issues

My name is Vincent J. Sotile, Jr. I have helped many clients through the divorce process. As your lawyer, I make sure that you know what your rights are, how the courts will view your case and what is likely to happen. I can help you calculate the financial aspects of your case, from figuring out how much child support will be required to working out a fair division of property and answering the thorny question of spousal support. I can help you sort out custody issues, from sharing joint custody to establishing visitation. After the divorce is final, I will continue to be there for you if your ex-spouse does not follow the visitation and custody schedules or does not pay his or her portion of child support.

When facing divorce, it is hard for you to focus on what is best for you and your children in the long run. Many times, your only motivation may be to get out of a marriage as fast as you can. I will talk to you during these times and remind you that you are moving on with your life so that you can concentrate on doing what is best for you and your children. I will not allow you to direct your efforts to make your ex-spouse miserable. We will focus on making the relationship between you and your children the best it can be under the circumstances.

I Can Help You Reach Customized And Practical Solutions

Every family is different, and no one wants a legal battle. Please contact my law office in Prairieville to arrange a confidential consultation. You can call me today at 225-424-1333 or contact me online to give me a few details about your situation.