Construction crashes: When is the construction team liable?

Construction crashes: When is the construction team liable?

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You have to drive to get to work every day, and you’ve recently been passing a construction zone each morning. Usually, the area seems safe. Sometimes, you don’t see anyone working at all.

Today was different. As you passed through the area, you suddenly saw something fall down from the construction area. That part hit your windshield, and that caused you to crash.

Is the construction company liable for your injuries?

Construction workers and companies have a responsibility to keep a construction area reasonably safe. They can expect you to go around the area or to merge into another lane, but dropping items, like concrete, pipes, or brick onto the road isn’t something they should be doing.

If a piece of equipment or material falls into the roadway, it could result in serious crashes and take lives. For that reason, you should consider seeking a claim against the construction company if the company’s actions made the road unnecessarily dangerous.

What actions might be considered negligent or reckless of the construction company?

There are dozens of actions that could be considered dangerous, negligent, and reckless. For example:

  • Construction vehicles suddenly backing up into an active lane for oncoming traffic
  • Dropping materials into the roadway
  • Failing to use the correct flags or timing, resulting in a crash
  • Leaving pipes or other items sticking out over barriers

All of these and other actions could lead to a crash, so it’s important for construction teams to keep the area clean and confined.

What can drivers do to be safer in construction zones?

Drivers who want to be safer in construction zones should slow down and be aware that there is a potential for falling debris or sudden movement in the zone. Even if it seems like no one is working, go slower and be cautious as you pass by. If you are involved in a crash inside a construction zone, remember that you may not be at fault. The construction team could be to blame for the hazards on the road and any crash or injury that results from their inability to maintain a safe work zone.