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Not only was I was raised in Ascension Parish, but I’ve practiced law here for more than 30 years, as well. I’m incredibly passionate about making our community a safe place to live, where everyone has a voice. Even outside of my law practice, I’m dedicated to working locally to make our towns and cities better places. I formerly assisted as coach for Ascension Catholic High School in the 23rd Judicial District Mock Trial Competition, and I’m currently a member of the Louisiana Association for Justice.

I see my law practice as an extension of my community activities and consider every client a neighbor in need. I’m proud to serve clients throughout Ascension Parish, Livingston Parish and East Baton Rouge Parish. 

I am Vincent J. Sotile, Jr., and, as your attorney, I promise to be dedicated to relieving your stress and guiding you through complicated legal decisions. Call my firm today at 225-424-1333 to learn more about how I can help you after an injury, a criminal charge, a family dispute or a business concern.